Actra National Commercial Agreement

noviembre 28th, 2020  |  Published in Sin categoría

The «New Media Commercials» section has also undergone an in-depth review. In particular, a contractual service fee must now be paid and the minimum meeting fees in force now reflect their television and radio counterparts. In addition, an advertiser is allowed to use an advertisement it produces for television shows or radio shows: (i) one of its websites at no additional cost (without super requirement or pixel limitation); (ii) several websites that it owns or controls for 365 days, subject to the payment of an applicable meeting fee (provided that all interpreters in other categories are mandated for this use); (iii) an unlimited digital, electronic or other delivery platform for one year with the payment of two applicable meeting fees (provided that all interpreters in the other categories are mandated for this use); or (iv) in the short term, digital, electronic or other types of unlimited supply platforms for a period of 31 days, with the payment of certain compulsory royalties for the performers concerned (which are less than the prior obligation to pay a meeting fee applicable under this option). With regard to the latter point, the new agreement extended the exemption to the public to all advertisements, whereas until now it applied only to «New Media Commercials». Under the current waiver, members of the public who are not broadcast or scripted may appear in a commercial, provided the hire pays a fee of 200 $US. In addition, the derogation will be «automatic» if the public appears in a manner that falls into at least one of the following categories (which have been summarily reformulated, other requirements apply – for more details, see article 707): (i) as part of unclassified background scenes; (ii) in unwritten or unwritten scenes (z.B. when the audience reacts to an event and the event is not staged for advertising purposes; (iii) at a live event; (iv) as interviewees on the street, in a public place or during a live demonstration; or (v) as part of a hidden camera advertisement. ACTRA`s new national trade agreement (which came into force and does not expire until June 30, 2017) contains significant changes to its earlier version, as outlined in the transaction statement. In particular for advertisers, the new agreement now contains provisions that will greatly facilitate the use of certificates and the public in advertisements. Note: In September 2020, an agreement was reached to extend the terms of the current NCA and the addendum L-R for a one-year period between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

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