Backend Agreement

diciembre 4th, 2020  |  Published in Sin categoría

Our current pact defines the exact values it will get from the backend. This can no longer be maintained in the long term. Some things are inherently more difficult to fix to exact values (for example. B dates). The proxy contract therefore delegates everything to backendImplementation, with the exception of the change in the backendImplement address (to ensure that the owner does not lose the contract by referring to an incorrect implementation, and with the exception of data-free transmission (which after the delegation would not fit into the 2300 gas exchange). The proxy contract address remains stable, the implementation can be changed at any time by the owner. I just type in a contract that is due in 24 hours to set the working conditions and payments for the project, and I want to make sure that if there is backend compensation that I recover, I am covered and receives some of that compensation. How do you say that in the contract? Would every piece of advice be highly appreciated? Your contract with the actor must specify that his «profit sharing» will be a certain percentage of the net or gross proceeds of the film, as calculated by the studio that distributes your film. (I assume that as an independent producer, you will not distribute your film yourself and at least sell the distribution rights to a studio or a large distributor.) All these studios have long attachments to their agreements, which, on dense, local pages, express exactly the calculation of «net product» or «gross product». It will save you immeasurable time and headaches to simply give in your agreement with the actor that his conditional compensation is calculated according to the studio`s accounting methods. To be sure, your agreement should also include a provision stating that as a producer, you are not obligated to use the film. The star cannot then say that you should have «sold» the film to a distributor and therefore been held responsible for the film`s inability to make money.

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