Proofreading For Subject Verb Agreement Errors

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The only situation in which a verb must end with an «s» is: why it is right: Although the subject`s no morse seems plural because it ends in s and ethics s-S is also a legitimate word, it acts in this case as a singular entity, because it is a field of study and therefore takes the singular verb . 4 Exercise 4: Replay for the subject-verb error error paragraph circle of topics and emphasize the verbs. Make an arrow of the verb about it. If the sentence has a subject-verb chord error, enter the wrong verb and write the correct verb form about it. Beaver The beaver, Canada`s national animal, has unusual properties. An unusual fact about beavers is their size. The beaver is the largest rodent in North America, weighing 13 to 35 kg. He spends a lot of time in the water, so his feet are big and woven to swim. The beaver tail, wide and flat as a paddle, also helps him swim.

Thick skins keep beaver warm and dry, even in very cold water. In fact, beavers are known to stay underwater for up to 15 minutes in icy ponds. Beavers also have long teeth that grow all their lives. They use these powerful teeth to cut down trees they use for food and shelter. Another unusual fact about the beaver is that it is one of the few animals to change its own environment. Beavers create ponds by building dams with roots, sticks, mud and stones. Each beaver family builds a cabin or nest in a river bank or in the middle of a pond. They`re building an underwater entrance to the lodge. The underwater entry protects them from their enemies. Beavers are also very social animals.

They communicate with each other not only by making noises with their mouths, but also by hitting their big flat cocks on the water. The social life of the beaver is complex and focuses on the female. These very special animals are found in every province in Canada. 4 Attention when rereading in search of «however» surrounded by commas. If the clauses of both parties can stand for themselves as sentences, easily repair the comma by replacing the first comma with a semicolon. If one of the clauses is before or after a secondary clause and the other is a main clause, then you are safe (as in this sentence). For more information on comma peaks, check out the following resources: To choose the right verb form, you need to choose which name is the real topic.

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