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Are you able to create business-to-business orders for the specified debitor/creditor…? Looks like you haven`t configured the intercompany configurations. If you are able to create clear commands, then you can unlock the agreement without problem 6) Your sales contract has been established. To check, go to DEMF -> purchases and purchases – > orders – > purchase agreements. Hello, Vladim; Thank you very much. I was interested in «Attribute-based sales pricing»; on the net amount crawled in your last note, I think you can solve it if you insert a value (z.B. «5») into the «Price Accuracy» field in the «Sell» tab quickly on the item card. Can you confirm that? ciao. You can create an order directly from a purchase contract using the Share Order action. You can also choose an effective sales contract if you accept orders (see «Application of Sales Contracts in the Ordering Process» section in this article). It is also possible to capture a position of acquiring trade agreements by selecting the trade agreements already available in the system. You can use the «Select» button in the «Preview» tab of trade agreement lines to solve this problem. When you click the button, the system asks for criteria to filter out the necessary trade agreements.

The example below shows how to choose all the prices available in the system. If we add the sales contract, it will be synchronized with the sales contract bound in the other legal entity if we add it by line. 5) Connect all forms and return to USMF -> Common -> Sales Orders ->. Look for the sales contract you want to use to automatically create the IC purchase agreement and click the «Generate a Purchase Agreement» button in the intercompany section of the action zone. In the action zone (in the sales or sales contract), click Share the release order. The system allows for automatic updates of the purchase price and costs. This option will help advance the management of selling prices. If the sale price is based on the purchase price or cost, the sale price can be automatically discounted due to the automatic update of the purchase price or costs.

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