Tourism And Climate Change Mitigation. Embracing The Paris Agreement Pathways To Decarbonisation

abril 13th, 2021  |  Published in Sin categoría

Colleagues, the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that global climate change is now clear and that its impact on natural resources has become increasingly visible around the world. Climate change is considered one of the most difficult aspects of the sustainable development of the tourism industry, as tourism is an economic sector heavily dependent on climate. At the same time, tourism contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions and hinders progress in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The tourism industry, policy makers and other relevant government agencies recognized the urgent need to develop and implement measures to address this challenge and take action to prevent projected risks and find a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from tourism. This is why this special issue aims to provide an overview of the impact of climate change on tourism, to identify threatened tourist destinations, to study the perceptions and reactions of tourism actors, to assess the adaptability and contribution of tourism to global warming, and, finally, to study strategies for adapting and mitigating tourism. As guest editors of this special edition, we invite you to contribute by submitting research articles, comprehensive reviews and practical case studies that are not limited to the following topics: While drawing on high-level epidemiological expertise, it contains the views and experience of 17 tour and tourism guides who recognize that the viability of certain destinations is under serious threat. and that business as usual is no longer possible. We all know that climate change is taking place. This may seem far removed from some of us, but in many tourist destinations around the world, it is now a daily or annual reality. Tourism is both threatened by climate change and one of its causes. This report discusses how tourism can be part of the overall solution and not part of the problem. On behalf of the European Travel Commission, it provides the first comprehensive analysis of the risks that climate change poses to the tourism industry.

It is also a roadmap for a low-carbon tourism economy, which will require nothing less than a revolution in this sector.

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