Umd Dining Agreement

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Not at this point. Like many of our peer institutions, we unfortunately and reluctantly allow entry into dining rooms only for students with meal plans. This is to offer the safest and most welcoming service to our main customers, local students. Once we are confident that we can serve other clients safely, we will reintroduce service to the largest community on campus and its guests. Our three optional meal plans offer students who live off campus flexibility while they can eat on campus as they wish; expand their ties with their friends and the UMD campus community. In rare cases, an exception is made for medical or religious reasons. In both cases, you must meet with a Dining Services employee to discuss your application. Each adaptation is made on the basis of the recommendation of the day services representative. Most of the time, we discover that meal plans can meet the nutritional needs of the student. A Dining Services employee takes the time to understand your situation, research and evaluate your application. We ask that the proposals be reasonable and have a solid basis. We can also satisfy many non-medical dietary preferences; Dining rooms, cafes and convenience stores offer extensive halal, vegetarian and vegan offerings.

As dollar dining is an optional upgrade to the Resident Management Plan, if the university closes prematurely due to a COVID19 relaunch, we will transfer unused dining dollars to the next semester. When classes resume after Thanksgiving, students who do not return will not be entitled to rollover. Yes, everyone in the dining rooms is expected to wear a mask, unless they eat at a table. We ask you to use the dematon unit at the entrance. The face mask should cover your nose and mouth well. Before you get up, you need to position your face mask. Dining Dollars are stored in a debit account assigned to your UMD Id badge. They can be moved to convenience stores, cafes and a few franchise sites on campus. If you want to have a snack outside the dining rooms, or if there`s a time that doesn`t allow your schedule to go to a dining room, dining dollars are a good way to get a meal on the go and save some money! Dollar dining is included in updated residents` plans and can be purchased separately in packages. If you buy dining dollars, you get a discount and if you use it, you do not pay VAT. Students who live in traditional housing on campus must have a housing plan. The minimum requirement is the basic usage plan.

This requirement belongs to the Maryland resident community, and the goal of the local food system is to provide worry-free access to food every day from the beginning of the semester to the last day of the final. Connector Dining Plans and Terrapin Express do not meet this intention and do not meet this requirement.

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