Valve Corporation Steam Distribution Agreement

diciembre 20th, 2020  |  Published in Sin categoría

Steam won`t stop anyone from selling their games on other distribution platforms, but if you want to be on Steam, you can`t be exclusive to other platforms. Steam and Epic Games compete in the PC video game distribution market. Steam, a distribution platform of Valve Corporation, has moved many of its AAA partners to the Epic Games Store. Games like the 4A Metro series and Ubisofts The Division, Ghost Recon and Assassin`s Creed games are no longer available on Steam. Of course, they honored existing pre-ordersBut always, There was a Steam page with a clear and explicit release date if a game is already released elsewhere, Without it being announced steam, they must provide the files 30 days before the scheduled release While Valve has hardly recognized the EGS this year, part of the Steam distribution agreement seems to lock developers and publishers into an exit parity agreement, meaning that games, updates and DLC must be released simultaneously with (or before) launch on Steam. As the founder of Glass Bottom Games and developer behind SkateBIRD, Megan Fox said in a tweet that circulated this weekend: «Other stores that ask for it actually pay developers and give developers something to accept it.» Hades had a steamy side. Let`s see what happens when the game is on steam just before the release. In other words, if you had a steam page with a release date, you can`t publish it on EGS until your steam release. Steam does not allow you to remove your game from its platform for an exclusive deal with Epic Games or someone pc Games Store for this matter, and publishers will not be allowed to delay Steam`s publications to enter into an exclusive agreement with other distribution platforms. You can`t steam a game and publish it first elsewhere. If there is no reason to apply the clause, there does not seem to be any reason to start it. Hoeg further clarified why Valve made it part of the Steamworks contract.

The audacity of some developers to continue to advertise and communicate through Steams channels while their product is exclusive.

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